DJ VY top 5 tracks for April 2024


Here's my 5 tracks picked out for April 2024

1. Losing Myself - Pat Bedeau, Leon Dorrill

Big fan of Pat's music and got some serious soulful tracks of his. This is a proper party starter this one, if this don't get you on your feet i don't know what will! Brilliant track and hope it gets the numbers it deserves


2. You Got Me - Khubos

Really nice soulful, funky vibe to this real easy listening, love it!


3. Coming Up - Matt Gillespie

Mr Gillespie! this guy is ripping up the charts with every track he produces, super talented producer/DJ Bline on point as per usual!


4. Together - Mike Millrain

This is a masterpiece, great production on this displaying that crisp Millrain sound with great use of vocals. This for me has really good soulful feel to it and when you really tap into it, it takes you on an emotional ride! POWERFUL MUSIC


5. Makin Ends Meet (Deez Raw Life Mix) - Rob Redford, Demarkus Lewis

What a collab, great chefs cooking up a storm right 'ere!