DJ Vy exudes a genuine passion for House & Garage music and is known for bringing a Soulful & Bumpy vibe to any dance-floor.

Born and raised in Coventry,  DJ Vy discovered a profound love for House & Garage music around 1994. Influenced by an older best friend who admired artists like Todd Edwards, Matt 'Jam' Lamont, Grant Nelson, Louie Vega, Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown, MJ Cole, Armand Van Helden, Kenny Dope, and Danny J Lewis. 

DJ Vy spent countless weekends engrossed in b2b mixing, appreciating the art of techniques on mixing on 2 turntrables. 

It was  the crisp sound of the kicks and high-hats in the garage tracks with dutty basslines, and infectious energy of the music fuelled his  passion.

Starting  Out

At the young age of 13, DJ Vy  started out using a pair of Gemini belt drive decks, accompanied by booming old Jammo speakers that seemed fit for an outdoor rave but served well in his friend's bedroom.

This experience marked a pivotal moment in his journey, with 187 Lockdown's "Gun Man" being the track that solidified DJVY's dedication to mixing.

As the 2step era took over, DJ Vy became a dedicated Garage enthusiast, regularly tuning into DJs like EZ, Jason Kaye (rip), Martin Larner, Dj Principal, KJ & Lombardo, Mike "Ruff Cut" Lloyd, DJ Spoony, Mikee B, and Timmi Magic. 

DJ EZ & Spoony became DJ VY's go-to DJs for staying updated on the latest releases, and they would frequently play the latest tape packs to discover new tracks.


The Coventry Garage scene was bubbling, taking influence from the vibrant and thriving garage scene in London at the time. 

Between 1999 and 2002, DJ VY had the opportunity to play at some significant Garage raves in and around Coventry, sharing lineups with esteemed DJs that he had admired during his teens and early twenties, such as DJ EZ, KJ & Lombardo, Norris Da Boss, and Dj Principal.

VY Secured residencies at several local bars in Coventry and then getting gigs in Birmingham which further solidified DJ VY's presence in the scene.  This lead DJ VY to slots on pirate radio stations in Birmingham, North London, and Coventry gaining more valuable experience. 

Lockdown Inspiration 

In 2004, DJ Vy took ta break to focus on family, temporarily stepping away from his musical endeavours.  However, in the year 2020 and the subsequent lockdown brought a newfound inspiration. 

Encouraged by a fellow DJ friend known as "Brother James," a Soulfusion resident  who is making waves in the Soulful scene. , DJ Vy reignited his passion for music and felt the fire within himself once again.
Throughout his journey, DJ Vy acknowledges the significant impact of KJ, who provided unparalleled support and valuable guidance behind the scenes. Witnessing KJ's commitment to keeping the scene alive has been a motivating force for DJ Vy.

2024 and beyond 

DJ Vy is fully immersed in the music scene once again, holding a residency at House Party and enthusiastically participating in online radio. 

His love for music has never been stronger, and DJ VY continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of Soulful, Bumpy Garage House tunes, leaving a lasting impression on his dance floors.


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